FitBit Challenge

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Mobile World Congress (MWC14) this year was definitely #Connected! From the Connected City, to connected automobiles to pretty much anything imaginable connected living in the mobile world.

This year MWC14 had the Fitbit Challenge. A tie-in of connected health and a challenge of fitness for the record breaking attendance of over 85K visitors. If you have not heard of Fitbit yet, you will. These wearable devices are soaring in popularity across the globe. If you search ‘fitbit popularity’ you will see the reviews, obsessions and craze that is sweeping people interested and involved in fitness.


One of the immediate draws for me was the social component of your Fitbit profile. I have several friends and family members also wearing one of their devices, and through the power of social networking, yes, we are “friends” via Fitbit. Or should I say “competitors?!” I find myself syncing my Fitbit on average every 2 days, and of course, checking to see whom I am connected with has had the most activity. I am also able to run reports and logs with a very intuitive and user friendly online Fitbit interface. Log sleep, see most active times throughout the day, even down to the minute.

In the 3 days that I wore the Fitbit Flex at MWC14, I averaged 5-8 miles per day. That gives you just a small picture of how big MWC is. If I started at the South Entrance and walked non-stop to the North Entrance, where we were situated with Invest NI’s Northern Ireland stand, it took approximately 20 minutes. Yes, near a mile from one end to the other.


Fitbit’s sponsorship and fitness challenge was a perfect way to be a leader in showcasing their wearable technology, engaging the conference in a challenge or rather a competition, lucky daily winners received HTC One Smartphone’s and Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Wireless ear-buds. Fitbit also included a daily prize to a challenger who told the best social media story on Twitter about their experience .#MWC14FITBIT

Over the course of the conference, wearable technology was always tip-of-the-tongue and you would be hard pressed not to acknowledge that this trend is coming fast and not going to leave any time soon. I look forward to seeing the innovative technologies that are slated to launch this year. From smart watches, to rumored wearable eye technologies from competitors, the outlook on wearable technology to enhance our lives is headed to a store near you.

By Brandon McGuire, Operations – Olenick Global, Belfast