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Is There an App for that?

Unable to view the 2014 FIFA World Cup on TV? There are other ways of keeping up-to-date with all the action – Thank you 21st Century! But, all the choices….Olenick Consultants are here to keep you in the loop on which Apps our family of testers approve as a ‘kick’ above the rest.


The recently launched application, Sporting Mouth, provides a prediction platform combining technology, social media, and retail. The App enables fans to use their sporting judgement to compete against each other earning bragging rights and rewards for correct predictions.


Challenge your  family, friends, and colleagues to compete against your selections for fun, or you can set up legal betting scenarios – risk things like meals, beers, replica shirts, and even charitable donations. Users can either play for free prizes or select their own from a unique collection of competition stakes on the App. Users will be able to stake everyday items, as well as more exotic ones, such as a day at a spa or dinner at a top restaurant.


Better still – it’s a free App!



By Mark McGuinness, Lab Manager & Pak Lun ‘Alan’ Shek, Test Engineer– Olenick Global, Belfast