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In day two of ComEd CONSTRUCT, the Olenick Team lead instruction at NLEI (National Latino Education Institute) and CSSER (Central States SER).

We had the opportunity to not only led instruction for Construct participants on Excel and Business Written Communication, but also grow the number of Olenick volunteers joining the effort. 


Olenick at ComEd Construct


One of our returning volunteers spoke on the impact the program has on him personally:  

As an Olenick employee, I am joyful to be a part of the program that imparts core Office skills to these determined and capable men and women as they prepare for an exciting career. This is the second year that I’ve had the opportunity to participate, and I can’t wait for next year. – Andrew, Longtime Volunteer 


In Excel, we led instruction ranging from mapping out Excel and exploring its different capabilities to creating formulas and charts for everyday tasks. We had the opportunity to discuss how it can make a difference in a professional setting and for personal use with the participants.  


Olenick at ComEd Construct


In our Business Written Communication session, we discussed the importance of effective communication of all forms in the workplace – from meeting rooms to meeting remotely, through emails and in documentation. We provided tips and tricks for public speaking – whether it be presenting to your team or in front of a larger audience – and shared a checklist we use to ensure we are always representing our best selves.  


Our goal throughout these presentations was that each participant understood the value and importance of these tools and how the proper use, or improper use, could be perceivedWe spoke on the importance and reality of how utilizing these tools will help them represent their best professional self and showcase a candidate that companies will want to represent them. Through reallife examples and experiences, we were able to connect with participants and help them develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be a professional in this day in age.  


Olenick at ComEd Construct


Thank you to our wonderful team for spending their day leading sessions working one-on-one with participants and for making this a great experience for everyone involved! A huge thank you to all the participants who inspire us with their hard work and dedication. We look forward to continuing our partnership! 


By Stephanie Morales, Diversity Program and Talent Development Lead, and Mackenzie Dorgan, Consultant

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