Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Legal: ILTA Survey

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

There are 100+ AI-powered legal tools on the market. ILTA’s first Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning survey focused on the way legal technologists are adapting and using AI/ML tools and services. 


Chaired by TJ Johnson of Olenick, the survey is meant to highlight the way members are using AI in their firms;“ILTA members see AI-powered software as creating fundamental change in the legal industry, while recognizing the limits and challenges with implementing AI tools successfully,” said Johnson. 


This Survey took a very high-level look into the AI/ML landscape and asked key questions such as “What three legal business uses do you believe AI-powered software will attain acceptable maturity in first?”, and “What percent of work done by attorneys (both legal- specific and nonlegal work done by attorneys) do you believe will be replaced by AI-powered software in the next 5 years?”  


It focused on gauging how law firms, law departments, and technologists view success in AI/ML projects and plans. The findings of the survey can be found HERE.  The next iteration of the survey will be published in late 2020, and will deliver with even more indepth questions and answers. 


Olenick works with legal clients to help their projects be deployed successfully with quality assurance framework. Developing a QA framework and a good testing methodology is key for successful Legal AI. Executing the tests against the tools and grading them is the next step in proving the promise of Legal AI. QA for Legal AI is growing into maturity, and Olenick is there to help. 


ILTA and the Blickstein Group are co-sponsoring a new survey that asks two simple questions: “Which AI tools do you use, and how often do you use them?”  If you haven’t completed it yet, check it out HERE

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