Leisure, Travel, and Tourism

Olenick boasts a diverse client base within the industry of leisure, travel, and tourism.

We support multi-faceted, billion dollar global corporations in the areas of business insights, program transformation, payments pre-certification, and quality surrounding the end-to-end consumer lifecycle.


We design, develop, and implement executive level project and financial dashboards utilizing the latest business intelligence (BI) technology to help inform stakeholder decisions. Olenick also manages program transformations for web-based and mobile platforms encompassing critical business applications as they move from legacy and mainframe systems and into the cloud.


Olenick facilitates Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) including acquisition, reservation and booking processes through the financial lifecycle. This ensures that all downstream accounting systems integrate to new programs and applications while providing security in transactions. Olenick project teams, in tandem with multiple top tier vendor organizations, provide end client with seamless integration across multiple business critical applications using services such as Mulesoft Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).


Overall, we deliver client solutions that reduce maintenance and overhead costs, enhance consumer satisfaction, and increase our clients’ volume of returning customers.