Growth, Risk and the Digital Age.

Immersed in a Digital JourneyQuantum Computing, AI, Blockchain, FinTech, Computer Visioning…


No matter the current growth or size of your bank, you are immersed in the digital age. The pressures of ‘business as usual’ are being met with the competitive landscape of continuously evolving in new technical advancements. Along with this need for innovation, there is a constant cloud of compliance, regulation, and shareholder appeasement that affects the overall decisions being made. Olenick has proven to help our clients keep up with the pace.


The banking world no longer has time to exhaust their budgets with over-priced, untrained, and/or unfit professionals who simply check a box. Olenick has set out on a path to stay atop the banking industry and ensure consultants, whose path is focused on this industry, keep up with our clients requirements.


Olenick has spent over 20 years working with this industry to complete projects that deliver a superior customer experience, advance technical capabilities, and improve efficiency.


The heart of our practice are our consultants. They solve problems, bring projects to completion, and build long-term relationships.



Each bank’s needs are unique. Our partnership begins with understanding the goals that need to be achieved and the resource and process gaps that are preventing success. Our solutions cover the short-term project lifecycle and extend to long-term, ongoing maintenance.