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Learn how Cloud Computing can benefit your company’s bottom line, as well as support a remote work environment.

Learn helpful IT budgeting tips for the COVID-19 business climate from Senior Associate and budgeting expert Jim Oddo.

Learn how Olenick Advisory, a custom Olenick solution that leverages Artificial Intelligence to continuously monitor the Internet for threats, can help your business.

Olenick Talent Academy consultants learned what it takes to create an AI-based chatbot leveraging IBM’s Watson Assistant.

Learn key steps to a successful Agile Assessment from an Olenick Agile Consultant.

Six Quality Assurance (QA) professionals to fanned out across Chicago and the suburbs to see what the hype surrounding Farmer’s Fridge is all about.

Olenick went on a field trip to check out #QAintheWild at the Chicago Amazon Go store.

The 2014 World Cup Finals are the first final to feature ‘Goal-Line Technology’ supplied by a small German start-up.

Read the predictions for the 2014 FIFA World Cup based on a stochastic model.

Olenick Consultants are here to keep you in the loop on which Apps our family of testers approve as a ‘kick’ above the rest.