Project Recap: Savings Through Automation for Repetitive Testing Tasks

OMS Automation

Client Description:

Energy delivery company which powers the lives of more than 4 million customers, or 70 percent of the state’s population. This client manages more than 90,000 miles of power lines in an 11,400-square-mile territory.

Business Challenge:

The client’s current  Outage Management System (OMS) undergoes several high access performance tests throughout each year. The challenge with these tests was the time required to prepare the setup for each test, and the time required to run the tests and to collect and analyze the data. Olenick was engaged to provide the client with a set of automated tests that support performance test setup, data-gathering, analysis, and functional regression.

Key Service Areas:


  • UFT Automation Tool
  • ALM Test Management Tool
  • Power BI
  • UNIX Scripting


  • Created 63 UFT Scripts using a single framework covering the following technologies – Java (Desktop and Web) Apps, WPF apps, Application with complex Images (Maps), Web Applications, Standard Windows Applications, .Net Applications, Linux, Excel, Oracle DB, PowerShell.
  • Coded using the following – UFT, VBScript, UNIX scripting, PowerShell, SQL, Batch files.
  • Automated 35 complex setup and cleanup processes that must be sequentially run (often over several days) in preparation for a performance test, saving hours of work that were originally done manually.
  • Automated a manual Tester assignment that included performing 77 activities on the OMS application under load to ensure the application is working and capturing the time it takes to perform certain tasks. These timing results were captured and stored in an Oracle DB in order to report analytics from both object-based and image-based automation approaches.
  • Expanded automation code for the OMS application to include 20 of the most frequently executed functional test cases to reinforce the tools capabilities and to showcase the reusability to call the same code action in any test case.
  • Successfully automated an application with a map component using Ribbon features to bring device in focus, zoomed in and centered on the map before performing interactions.
  • Structured image repository so that new images to interact with can be added without needing to change the automation code. Images are stored in a repository separate from UFT so images can be added without a need for an additional UFT license.
  • Leveraged ALM to manage all automation scripts, test executions, and results. Setup is done so that end users just need to ensure machines for execution are online, and if so, go to the test set to run, kick off, and analyze results once the run is complete.
  • Worked with client’s network infrastructure and enterprise tools teams to make necessary changes to allow communication to ALM and UFT servers behind some firewalls.
  • Created an Oracle DB to store data from performance testing. This data fed into a Power BI analytics dashboard in order to create visualizations needed for reporting automatically rather than creating these reports manually.
  • Managed all aspects of delivery and execution.
  • Trained customer on all aspects of the automation solution including automated scripts and Power BI reporting dashboard.
  • Created and shared user manuals and documentation with the client.


  • Ensured that all key client stakeholders and SME’s were engaged in the project from the very start. With meetings and video calls, appropriate stakeholder voices were heard regarding the steps required for their performance testing, which resulted in the final product meeting/exceeding all their needs.
  • Increased comfort level with the new automation by providing an automation overview where the tools were demoed.
  • Turned days of performance testing analysis effort into hours.

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