Project Recap: Digital Banking Enhancement for Credit Union

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Client Description:

Established in 1930, client is one of the largest credit unions in Illinois with over 100,000 members and more than $2.4B in assets. Client offers a complete array of products and services, including checking, savings, credit card, auto and real estate loans, and a digital banking platform.

Business Challenge:

The client wanted to improve its rating on their customer-facing mobile application in hopes of attracting new members. After selecting a new solution, the client decided to convert in 4 months, as opposed to the standard 12-month timeline. Speed to market was essential, but thorough testing was required to ensure there were no critical defects in the new system upon release.

Key Service Areas:


  • MS Office Suite
  • MS Azure DevOps
  • BrowserStack
  • Vendor Defect Ticketing System


  • Obtained, organized and researched existing documents and applications to develop test scenarios for desktop, mobile, and data migration needs.
  • Utilized a combination of Agile and Waterfall to move fast, yet efficient
  • Managed Test Cases and Test Execution as changes occurred throughout the project, up until release, to the tune of 4,274 test cases (both desktop and mobile
  • Delivered the app to market with no critical defects while aligning to the aggressive timeline


  • Client was able to achieve their aggressive deployment date, avoiding expense variances associated with project delays
  • Provided a complete QA Test execution framework by developing a full test suite, UAT test suite, and regression suites that can be reused by the client moving forward
  • Created an improved customer experience with a more efficient, user friendly digital platform
  • Located 2 critical defect and 5 high severity defects that would have been critical issues for the users of the system, had they not remediated prior to deployment

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