Paper Catalog to E-commerce Transformation

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Our client was a 125 year old business with a strong national brand as mail-order and direct merchandiser.

Business Challenge

A loyal and long-term customer base had set expectations about doing business. Transformation to new e-commerce technology fundamentally changed the way business was conducted with existing customers. Not only did the entire technology infrastructure require redesign and rebuilding, it had to be fully integrated with the traditional catalog business. The intertwined cultural and technical challenges were complex.


To support a new retail strategy for customer contact, Olenick & Associates redesigned the technology architecture and infrastructure. We implemented new databases for fulfillment, distribution, products, and marketing. We developed new financial and business analytics systems.

During the several years this took, we also built a retail e-commerce platform to market, merchandise, and manage customer orders in a completely new and original way. Systems and operations also had to support traditional customer contact via catalog, mail, and telephone.

We paid attention to the interplay and synergies between these two very different channel approaches and used these insights to drive new system requirements.

Deployment Assured.

The client’s operations have been fundamentally transformed while preserving and building on it’s loyal customer base. Today, the client conducts the majority of its direct to consumer business over the internet. Existing and newly acquired customers interact with the business in a completely new way.

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