Logistics: Integration Testing

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Client Description:

Client helps healthcare organizations integrate through intra-company medical transportation logistics, enabling customers to outsource all of their daily and as-needed delivery requirements.

Business Challenge:

Client’s recent implementation of a Next-Generation system utilizing cloud-based SaaS products required two solutions to be adopted: one for order/entry management and the other for route planning management. Olenick assisted with all client integration testing amongst the new customized systems.  

Key Service Areas:

  • Requirements Analysis​
  • Test Planning
  • Test Case Authoring
  • Manual Test Execution
  • Defect Reporting and Management


  • Salesforce (O/E, delivery management, customer portal)​
  • Dell Boomi (integration layer)​
  • Android scanner application​
  • PractiTest
  • Descartes Logistics Platform (order, shipment, vendor management, route planning, scheduling, route monitoring)


  • Obtained, reviewed, and evaluated client artifacts as a dedicated QA team for the client​
  • Conducted interviews with IT and business to understand processes​
  • Developed and documented integration testing approaches​
  • Created test cases and scripts and entered (or imported) into PractiTest management tool​
  • Executed manual tests, documented results, managed defects, and verified defect fixes


  • Authored several hundred test cases to the test management system​
  • Identified through testing and analysis a significant number of complicated integration issues, design defects, and previously unidentified requirements​
  • Successful first deployment of live system to pilot market in final week of engagement

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