Project Recap | Banking: Lending Operations Data Migration Support

Lending Operations Data Migration

Client Description:

A major US-Canada bank offering investment and financial services, their US Office is based in Chicago. The Bank is a member of the Federal Reserve System and has customers across Midwest states and in AZ, FL, and CA.

Business Challenge:

The financial institution’s Lending Workgroup needed to consolidate new and existing data from separate processing systems to one centralized book of records system, and continue supporting feeds to the DataMart and their consumers without major changes or impacts. The new data flow also incorporated an internal oversight system at each transaction to ensure all federal regulatory requirements were met.

Existing Flow:

  • All new transactions are initiated from the lending origination System(L1) and based on transaction type are booked on internal booking System(S1) or System(S2).
  • System(S1) and System(S2) are processing systems supporting new and existing accounts. These systems feed data to the financial institution’s DataMart directly for internal group data consumption.

Target Data Flow:

  • Migrate all existing data from System(S1) and System(S3) to new Booking system.
  • All new transactions will be directly booked to a new “Book of records” -System(B1) eliminating System (S1) and System (S2).
  • System (B1) will feed the financial institution’s DataMart and consumers with minor changes continuing business as usual.
  • System (S1) and System (S2) dependencies are removed as well as removal of feeds to DataMart.
  • Implement Financial Institution Oversight System(O1) to ensure regulatory requirements are met by validating data reported from Transaction Initiation System and Book of Records System(B1).

Key Service Areas:

  • Test Management
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Test Execution Coordination with Business Users
  • End-to-End Test Scheduling and Test Data Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Playbook Design for Production Deployment & Incident Resolution Management


  • Microfocus ALM
  • Bank-proprietary Lending Origination and Operation Applications
  • Customized Data File Validation Tools
  • DataMart Interface (SQL)
  • MS Project


  • The Olenick Test team completed assessment for requirement gaps, end-to-end scenarios, prerequisites for end user data elements, and overall test schedule to meet implementation date.
  • Collaborated with Dev, QA, Infrastructure, and Business Stakeholders of Lending Operation teams to design an End-to-End Systems Integration and Data Flow pictorial.
  • This supported creation of an overall test strategy for the verification and validation of key components for the data and in turn aided each Workstream Test Lead to better plan test activities.
  • For each data conversion test cycle, planned simulation of one Business Week of transaction activities for daily data transfers and validation from source to target, confirming all applications worked as expected.
  • Engaged business stakeholders for early data review of source and intermediate systems prior to consuming data at end systems.


  • Early review of source data helped identify missed requirements, and stage additional source data for critical Use Cases for end system.
  • Data review from multiple test cycles at source and destination identified conversion/translation gaps before end system consumption.
  • Due to transparency and tightly managed coordination across Workstreams, defects were triaged quickly, root causes determined, resolution ownership assigned, and impact assessment completed.
  • Reduced defect leakage from QA to UAT and resulted in reduction of defects/issues logged during production implementation.
  • Overall end-to-end workstream test schedule (project plan) and lessons learned helped design production implementation playbooks tasks for scheduling as well as expected execution/validation duration.
  • Smooth production implementations; there were new issues identified that were quickly resolved during post implementation support period.


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