Leisure, Travel, and Tourism: E-Commerce Booking System Agile Development & Automation

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Client Description:

Global hospitality company with widely recognized, industry leading brands and commitment to excellence. Client owns 13 brands and more than 600 properties in over 50 countries.

Business Challenge:

Client was upgrading their customer hotel booking website in order to reduce maintenance costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase the volume of returning customers.  The client needed support testing their current website and developing the upgraded website in an Agile environment.

Key Service Areas:

  • Functional Test Automation
  • Test Coordination
  • UI Software Development


  • Groovy
  • Spock
  • JavaScript
  • Geb Browser Automation
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Jenkins
  • Gradle
  • JIRA


  • Rebuilt a scalable Automation Framework utilizing Groovy/Spock/Java/Gradle on the fully rearchitected website
  • Refactored and maintained Automation Framework by implementing Geb and Selenium WebDriver
  • Designed and implemented a model for automation to cover both frontend and backend features across the most critical application set
  • Executed Automated Regression Tests and analyzed logs generated by Jenkins and compiled with Gradle and JUnit
  • Achieved sprint goals by executing manual and automated tests for stories and defect fixes in a sprint


  • Improved customer experience by identifying defects earlier in development builds, for a higher quality website
  • Reduced website maintenance costs by expanding automation test coverage and decreasing time required for manual testing for each sprint
  • Reduced manual testing required for Regression Testing – 4 hours saved during testing in each test environment and 2 hours saved per Production Deployment
  • Reduced the impact on shared components in the automation framework for other teams
  • Enabled manual testers to execute and review automation regression test sets (through Jenkins)

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