Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Read the third and final article in Aaron Ring’s series on Training and Onboarding, which provides advice on how to manage Agile Teams remotely.

Nidhi Verma recounts her experience volunteering through the BE MY EYES accessibility app, which helps visually impaired people by providing support via video call.

Save time on your next upgrade with our comprehensive validation checklist for Micro Focus ALM 15!

Learn how Cloud Computing can benefit your company’s bottom line, as well as support a remote work environment.

Read the second article in Aaron Ring’s series on Training and Onboarding, which focuses on Agile Training.

Read the conclusion of Ken Stawarz’s 6 part ETL series: whether it is ETL, Data Conversion, or Data Migration, it is all about the data. 

Watch this webinar by Ken Stawarz, Dave Kuhl, and Mike Willett to learn what should be included in the test strategy/plan when moving applications to the Cloud.

Read the fifth in Associate Ken Stawarz’s educational series on Data Migration, Conversion, and ETL: The “L” in ETL.

Read the first in Aaron Ring’s 3 part blog series on Training + Agile, which focuses on the importance of Training and Onboarding for both employee and employer.

Check out Professional Services Strategy Director TJ Johnson’s latest article in the summer edition of ILTA’s Peer to Peer publication: “Automate What? That’s the Right Question!”