Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Our in-house Belfast Graduate Programme provides accessible education and mentorship to those looking for a pathway into the IT industry.

Performance issues with mobile apps can be mitigated with proper testing – this article covers challenges and solutions in mobile testing.

Learn about Utility of the Future technologies such as Smart Grids, Microgrids, Smart Meters, and AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure).

Check out TJ Johnson‘s latest article in the Winter edition of ILTA’s Peer to Peer publication: “What Do You Wish You Had Known When You Started in Legal?”

The Seasonal Readiness Test (SRT) is a performance test of storm-critical applications: OMS, MWFM, SCADA, and AMI systems, to verify operational readiness ahead of storm seasons.

It is an exciting time for Energy Delivery Systems including the new ADMS, updated EMS, DMS and OMS.

Read the first article in Dan Kurtz’s Test Data Management series, which focuses on the challenges testers face on projects with TDM.

The third and final blog in this series on the importance of SQL Skills for Testers covers a scenario a Senior Development Engineer in Test might encounter on a project.

Learn how Olenick applied a formal Change Management framework for a Utility client to improve adoption of their new Distribution Management System.

Read the latest continuation of our ‘Infamous Software Bugs’ series, which focuses on the 2015 Effective Power Bug that impacted iPhone users.