Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Read how Olenick supports Utilities clients with Modern Energy Enablement through Utility of the Future and Smart City programs.

Watch our Automation Enablement webinar to learn about our step-by-step approach to expediting and ensuring the success of organizations’ Automation efforts.

Olenick Belfast has employed multiple initiatives to support our company mission of being a socially responsible business.

Olenick helped a Credit Union client execute their digital banking conversion in 4 months as opposed to the standard 12, and eliminated critical defects in the new system upon release.

Olenick provides comprehensive testing of Real-Time Systems to Utilities clients, which control the delivery of critical electricity, natural gas, and water to utility customers.

Learn how Olenick’s Automation Enablement helps clients select what types of automation to adopt and upskill their existing IT teams.

Associate Mike Willett recounts his Virtual Reality-based conference experience with the Virbela platform.

Learn how Olenick helped a Credit Union Service Organization educate members and staff on the benefits and functionality of a new touchless privacy-enhancing technology.

Read how Olenick delivers successful testing of new and emerging Interactive Voice Response technologies for Utilities clients.

Watch our webinar hosted by Prosci Change Specialist Chrissie DiAngelus as she presents her top 5 Change Management Strategies for 2021.