Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Apple included AirDrop in iOS7.

Read for an overview of Test Automation.

Now, with so much heavy javascript code running in the browser, browser-based testing has never been more important.

There are many of us in the automated testing field that started very early in the test automation phase, but the introduction of mobile devices has brought on a new angle in test automation of applications.

Test Flight’s free service allows app developers and testers to easily share app builds over the air, instead of having to sync your device to a computer.

Olenick conducted excellent training for employees to gain general understanding and knowledge of mobile testing, and the various tools that can be used for testing in the mobile world.

In this blog, we would like to share a way to track and save iOS device console logs using iPhone Configuration Utility.

Olenick & Associates provided thought leadership and all levels of technical assistance to transform a national-brand retailer’s paper catalog operation into an e-commerce site.

Olenick has developed OASIS in response to client demands for a better approach to automation.

Olenick & Associates evaluated the cost and performance of competing virtualization technologies to help a leading electrical utility plan a data center upgrade.