Our Expertise

Our Expertise

With Global Big Data Week upon us, what a better time to present the ways in which our 15 years of Software Testing experience applies to the exciting world of Big Data.

Now is a good time to take a look at the scope of the problem of the Heartbleed defect.

Enjoy this satirical antidote on the matter of test data management.

The defect referred to as “heart bleed” or “Heartbleed” is without question one of the biggest challenges
to online security to date.

Application Virtualization is a technology that appears to end users as if an application is installed onto a machine.

Results from the Olenick Belfast Team’s recent regression smoke test suite for www.olenick.com using RIDE with Selenium2Library.

The latest version of standalone LoadRunner (12.0) was released by HP on March 17th.

Home is where the heart is and that was no different for Mobile World Congress’s (MWC) Connected City.

The Mobile World Congress is a massive 4 day meeting of mobile carriers, device and vehicle manufacturers, networking and consulting services providers, and other connected mobile industry companies.

The Big Data market is projected to have a “31% compound annual growth rate over the five year period 2012-2017.