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The culinary Farm-to-Table process shares more similarities with the Agile process than one might realize.

Learn how we help our Utility partners analyze and improve operation of their smart grids and automation through applying our expertise in automated feeder switches and reclosers.

Olenick helped a Utilities client automate their Outage Management System performance testing, saving them significant time on those processes.

Read how Olenick supports Utilities clients with Modern Energy Enablement through Utility of the Future and Smart City programs.

Olenick provides comprehensive testing of Real-Time Systems to Utilities clients, which control the delivery of critical electricity, natural gas, and water to utility customers.

Learn how Olenick’s Automation Enablement helps clients select what types of automation to adopt and upskill their existing IT teams.

Read how Olenick delivers successful testing of new and emerging Interactive Voice Response technologies for Utilities clients.

Watch our webinar hosted by Prosci Change Specialist Chrissie DiAngelus as she presents her top 5 Change Management Strategies for 2021.

Learn about Utility of the Future technologies such as Smart Grids, Microgrids, Smart Meters, and AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure).

The Seasonal Readiness Test (SRT) is a performance test of storm-critical applications: OMS, MWFM, SCADA, and AMI systems, to verify operational readiness ahead of storm seasons.