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Read how Olenick delivers successful testing of new and emerging Interactive Voice Response technologies for Utilities clients.

Nidhi Verma recounts her experience volunteering through the BE MY EYES accessibility app, which helps visually impaired people by providing support via video call.

View this webinar by Senior Consultant Steve Woods, featuring visually impaired internet user Diane Marks, to learn the importance of Digital Accessibility and how to test for accessibility.

Olenick is bringing awareness to Developmental Disabilities Month and the importance of Web Accessibility.

Olenick planned and executed extensive functional testing as a part of a banking system upgrade by Pennsylvania’s largest Credit Union.

Today’s featured accessibility testing tool is HTML Code Inspector.

Today’s blog post will cover how and when to incorporate free, Web-based automated accessibility evaluators into overall-manual accessibility testing.

Welcome to the Olenick Web Accessibility Testing Tools Blog Series! This is the first blog article in the series.

Learn how you can help to make the web more inclusive and enable access to your site for wider range of users.