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Takeaways from a Lunch & Learn on automation hosted by one of our partners, Original Software.

Highlights of the updates to HP LoadRunner.

If you ever need to build Automation Frameworks for sites developed with WebLogic using freeware tools, Selenium is a big option for you to consider.

Results from the Olenick Belfast Team’s recent regression smoke test suite for www.olenick.com using RIDE with Selenium2Library.

The latest version of standalone LoadRunner (12.0) was released by HP on March 17th.

Home is where the heart is and that was no different for Mobile World Congress’s (MWC) Connected City.

Olenick is able to do more than ‘just testing’ and this article is an example of our solution-oriented approach to client delivery.

Read for an overview of Test Automation.

Now, with so much heavy javascript code running in the browser, browser-based testing has never been more important.

There are many of us in the automated testing field that started very early in the test automation phase, but the introduction of mobile devices has brought on a new angle in test automation of applications.