Why We Developed the OASIS Test Automation Framework

man in suit pointing at circles that are connected

OASIS is our automation framework.  It addresses process, tools, framework design, data and reusable code modules.

We developed OASIS in response to client demands for a better approach to automation.  There is an explosion of new tools for agile, cloud and mobile environments and while these tools address new technical problems it remains important to implement automation in a way that has both initial and lasting value.

Therefore, OASIS includes process and training with tooling and technical implementations.

From a technical standpoint, OASIS provides a framework for automation in client, web and mobile environments and in tools that use VB and Java as their scripting language.  This includes HP QuickTest Pro, Selenium, Microsoft Visual Studio and tools that are leverage these base tools like Ranorex, Jamo M-uex, and Perfecto Mobile.  Reusable components include UI interaction, data management, error handling, and result reporting.

A recent QTP-based automation suite for a web application used 75% reusable code from the OASIS library and only 25% new, application-specific code.

All told, OASIS helps clients build lasting and reliable automation faster.