Watch the Webinar: Top 5 Strategies to Manage Change in 2021

Change Management Webinar

With the turn of the new year and of course a new way of working in COVID times, organizations across industries are prioritizing the adoption of an effective Change Management approach.

We invite you to watch our webinar: “Top 5 Strategies to Manage Change in 2021”, hosted by certified Prosci Change Specialist Chrissie DiAngelus. In her informative and engaging webinar (below), she provides an overview of understanding Change Management, introduces the Prosci ADKAR methodology, and takes viewers through a deep dive of her Top 5 Strategies and how best to implement them in order to drive success of organizational change.



At Olenick, we help enable organizations deliver results on each change effectively and help build competencies that increase team capacity to take on more changes at one time. For more information on Olenick’s Change Management services, click here or reach out to us. To stay up to date on future webinars and blogs, make sure to sign up for our Subscription List here!

Chrissie DiAngelus Headshot

Chrissie DiAngelus