Watch the Webinar: Automation Enablement | Making Automation Work for Your Enterprise

Automation Enablement Webinar

It may come as no surprise that a majority of organizations have automation in mind for 2021 initiatives.

Incorporating automation into your business processes can help to reduce error, save time, and reduce costs – but without the right guidance and support for your automation strategy, challenges can quickly arise.


Olenick’s Automation Enablement methodology can help to expedite automation efforts by identifying the types of automation that would be beneficial to your organization, defining implementation layers for automation projects, and providing direction for automation teams to successfully test and implement new automation processes.


We invite you to watch our webinar below, as Olenick Vice President Brent Melson takes us through a step-by-step approach organizations may follow from automation workshop planning, training and coaching for teams, automation test creation and execution, script and architecture quality review, and – perhaps most importantly – automation value measurement and reporting. For more information on Olenick’s Automation Enablement services, click here or reach out to us. To stay up to date on future webinars and blogs, make sure to sign up for our Subscription List here.