Realizing the Promise of Modern Energy Technology: Utility of the Future and Smart City Initiatives

Utility of the Future

Energy companies are facing a challenge and opportunity: how do you bring the benefits of cutting-edge technology to the users of huge and complex energy systems?

One effective approach is to organize these efforts around a future-looking vision of a collaborative and modernized energy sector. Examples of this include the “Utility of the Future” and “Smart City” programs. Through these programs, utilities and municipalities jointly pursue optimized energy usage enabled by new technology such as Smart Meters, AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), Smart Streetlights, and other intelligent devices.


Utility of the Future

Olenick supports and enables advanced energy technology through initiatives such as the “Utility of Future,” an organization-wide program at multiple US Utilities. We lead application support for the client’s AMI technology stack and Smart City software, while coordinating with the application vendor and 10+ client teams to deliver smart meter and Smart City project improvements.

Major goals of the Utility of the Future (UoF) program include:

  • Providing optimized support of the utility’s AMI solution backbone technology stacks and infrastructure to maximize AMI business value and deliver premier customer experience
  • Partnering with the business and IT teams to identify and implement innovative solutions, enhancements and process improvements
  • Contributing to IT enterprise projects and Smart Cities initiatives


Olenick’s services for the Utility of the Future initiative includes servicing the AMI applications and Smart City management software, as well as program management, testing, process improvement, and optimizing team workflows. Our team:

  • Manages UoF projects and team processes, optimizing workflows, and technology for greater streamlining and efficiency
  • Performs testing, maintenance, and financial analysis for AMI and Smart City applications
  • Supports lifecycle upgrades, partnering with AMI and Smart City vendor for application upgrades and head end upgrade, while managing vendor and client teams


In delivering these advanced network solutions, we find that the technology implementations and upgrades require rigorous project management and methodical QA processes to be successful. With 10+ years of experience within this program and deep knowledge in the AMI space, the Olenick team consistently delivers successful AMI head end upgrades. We also have a trusted relationship with a variety of stakeholders and vendor partners.


Smart Cities

Adjacent to the “Utility of the Future” is the concept of the Smart City, which promotes modernized energy usage with intelligent technology and efficient infrastructure. Utilities and municipalities are collaborating on Smart City projects to optimize the residents’ usage of electric and energy features with intelligent devices such as smart streetlights.


With its tangible savings and improved resident experience, smart streetlighting is an effective leading program for Smart City initiatives.

  • Smart streetlights provide up to 50% energy savings and 20% operational savings
  • Smart streetlight systems automatically detect and report light outages


Olenick is proud to deliver projects supporting the Chicago Smart Cities initiative, which is modernizing the city infrastructure through improvements such as efficient smart streetlights.  With one of our Utility partners, Olenick manages application maintenance and support for the streetlight application and associated integrations.

  • Program converted Chicagoland municipality’s streetlights to LED technology
  • New smart streetlight system will automatically detect light outages, eliminating the need for residents to call 311 to report outages
  • $10M projected annual savings through reduced energy use


Olenick has also recently led and implemented a variety of “Smart City”-related and smart device initiatives, providing testing and project management services for:

  • Home Area Network (HAN) smart meter connected device implementation automation pilot
  • Smart Streetlight testing and implementation (including 13 connected applications)
  • Vision software upgrade


These Smart City initiatives enable residents to be more empowered, informed and proactive. They likewise help utilities and municipalities to be more efficient and customer-focused.


Olenick’s Modern Energy Enablement Capabilities

Olenick is committed to delivering on the promise of new approaches to energy usage and distribution such as the “Utility of the Future” and “Smart City”. In our experience, these programs can make energy providers and consumers more efficient, proactive and cooperative in their energy use – but only if the underlying IT-solutions are deployed, integrated, and tested properly.


Our expertise in quality assurance, application deployment, and system integration results in high-quality implementations of advanced utility and smart energy solutions, as well as continual improvements in their operation.

  • We work with the key technology/application vendors in this sector
  • We have expertise in deploying, integrating, testing, maintaining, and upgrading these technologies


Olenick is ready to help new Utility partners implement, integrate, and support these emerging energy solutions.

The key is delivering tangible, tested, and reliable benefits to energy users! Contact us to learn more today about how these latest solutions can meet your specific needs.


Contributing Editor: Eric Byville