Tips and Tricks to Stay Productive While Working Remote

Working Remote

As we monitor the pandemic, many corporations have been taking proactive measures to facilitate safe practices and remote work capability.

At Olenick, we are engaging in a whole new working environment, several or even thousands of miles away from each other. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and meet your deadlines, here are some tips and tricks from the Recruiting Team to stay on track.


Develop a Routine

Take advantage of the additional hours in the morning and evening! Instead of sleeping in, enjoy a nice homemade breakfast, or kick start your day with an early morning workout. Free online workout classes are easily accessible and common household items are a great substitute to gym equipment unavailable at home. Regardless, keep to a morning schedule that works for you.


Once the end of the workday rolls around, know when to disconnect. Refocus on tasks you can do at home, personal interests or hobbies to take up, and stay connected with friends and family.



First things first, find a comfortable spot to dedicate as your work from home area. This does not include lounging in bed! If you do not have access to a desk or at home office, setting up shop on a kitchen or dining room table is a good alternative. Working in a set space each day sends a physical cue to your body to focus and manage outside distractions. Remember, it is important to take periodic breaks and leave your workspace during meals. Recognize when you are not working efficiently, and take a moment to refresh briefly.


Stay Connected

Communication is essential, especially in remote circumstances. Make a habit to not only check-in with your manager and team at the beginning and end of each day, but also take time to chat with coworkers. Maintain normal communications as you would in passing or in the kitchen area at the office. If there is any confusion or loss in guideline during the day, pick up the phone or set up a Microsoft Teams meeting. Utilize all social platforms provided to chat regularly, check-in, and support one another.


This is a new territory for some, if not all of us. If you are experiencing any difficulties maintaining productivity in your work, reach out to your company’s Human Resource team. We’re all in this together!


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Kaitlyn Baerenstecher