The 4 Ws of Testing

Graph illustrating the risk associated with not having QA and testing

Earlier this year, Olenick partnered with Temenos to present the first ever software testing session at their annual educational conference.  Mike Mokrzycki presented the four Ws of testing to an audience comprised of Credit Unions with varying levels of quality engineering maturity.


Highlights from the “defect-free” presentation are below:


What is QA and Testing?

Quality assurance is a proactive activity that ensures all project deliverables meet or exceed quality expectations as they are created. Testing involves activities that are performed to measure project deliverables against customer expectations after they have been created.  Both QA and testing are critical in the software development lifecycle.


How do you do QA and Testing?

QA is not a phase, but rather it is a concept that should be built into all the activities within your projects.  Whether its requirements gathering or deploying a release, QA governs the expectations of the project.  Testing is executing test scripts and logging defects so that the development team is made aware.


Who does QA and Testing?

Often Credit Unions are forced to use “The Beg, Borrow, Steal” method, which is when Business Users, Project Managers, IT Engineers, Trainers, etc. are pulled from their daily responsibilities to perform QA or testing activities.  Ideally, projects should have dedicated QA and testing resources.  Some of these roles include QA Lead, Quality Engineer, and Test Analysts.


Why Perform QA and Testing?

It’s critical that defects are uncovered early on in the lifecycle of a project.  As a project’s lifecycle continues (i.e. design – engineer) the cost to remediate a defect increases dramatically.  Additionally, the risk level when QA and testing is incorporated into a project decreases significantly right up until deployment!


Olenick looks forward to continuing their relationship with Temenos as well as ensuring successful projects in Credit Unions across the country! If you would like more details about this presentation or Olenick’s Credit Union practice, please reach out to us.


Author: Joe Lucca, Business Development Research Analyst

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