The Nearshore Advantage

globe with Olenick's 4 locations

For software projects with tight cost parameters, aggressive timelines, and quality standards to maintain, nearshore services can provide the best solution. Nearshore solutions provide support close to the home base of the project. They offer coveted reduced rates, an extended workday and streamlined communication due to shared cultural attributes.  For the past five years, Buenos Aires and Belfast have provided nearshore solutions for many of Olenick’s clients. They have allowed Olenick to stay competitive on pricing and deliver projects on timelines that would have otherwise been near impossible.


In a recent web convergence project, teams in five locations –  Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Buenos Aires, and Belfast leveraged the shared working hours to host daily SCRUM meetings to keep the team in sync and provide help where it was most needed on the project.  The 5 location team conducted system integration testing, UAT, and also tested a variety of browsers and device combinations to ensure that the three separate websites for three subsidiaries, had consistent functionality and feel.


If you want to learn more about nearshore solutions or more about the web convergence project, visit our contact page or blog next week to learn more about the web convergence project.

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