The Impacts of Lack of Development Process

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The Development Process is the foundation for the final deliverable and is what your customers will be receiving.

As a Test Manager at Olenick & Associates, I’ve worked on many projects, both big and small. There have been projects where processes were followed and projects where there was not much in the way of processes, or processes were not followed. This is the fourth post in my blog series focusing on the impacts when there is a lack of process in various stages of a project.

I compiled the list below which highlights some of the impacts to a project if there is no Development Process, or lack of following the process:

  • Inconsistent coding between developers
  • Defect resolution takes longer
  • Inconsistencies between similar functionality
  • System performance degradation
  • Makes code more complex
  • Harder to support/maintain
  • Increases the number of defects
  • Increases cost to the project
  • Increases resource effort for the project
  • Reduces overall quality of the project
  • Additional regression test is needed

Following processes is no guarantee a project will not run into problems or issues. No matter how well something is planned, there will always be something that comes up that was not planned for. Therefore, your processes have to be flexible enough to allow for things to happen and adjust accordingly in a way that is productive to the project.

This list was collected by consultants based on real experiences from projects they have been on. If you want to avoid these types of issues on your next project, then put together a development process and follow it throughout the project. Stay tuned to the Olenick blog for more from Ken Stawarz on Processes.

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