The Impacts of Lack of Design Process

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As a Test Manager at Olenick & Associates, I am a big believer in the idea that the more planning at the beginning of the project means the rest of the project will go a lot smoother and faster. In this blog post series I am reflecting on various processes and how lack of process, or processes not being followed, can really screw up a project.

When processes are lacking and things start to get chaotic, testing cannot step out of the way. It’s all too common for testers to have to overcome the shortcomings of previous processes and adjust to changed processes, or lack of process, to ensure a successful outcome of the project.

The Design Process is the foundation that defines the final deliverable and sets the stage for coding and testing.

I compiled the list below which highlights some of the impacts to a project if there is no Design Process, or lack of following the process:

      • Inconsistency between similar functionality
      • Defect resolution takes longer
      • Harder to train and understand system
      • Makes code more complex
      • Harder to support/maintain
      • System performance degradation
      • Allows for more defects
      • Not good feedback on defect fixes
      • Harder to test
      • Increases cost to the project
      • Increases resource effort for the project
      • Reduces overall quality of the project

This list was collected by consultants based on real experiences from projects they have been on. If you want to avoid these types of issues on your next project, then put together a design process and follow it throughout the project. Stay tuned to the Olenick blog for more from Ken Stawarz on Processes.

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