Test Automation Within Imaged Based Applications

Test automation concept cell blurred background

Applying test automation to systems such as SCADA, outage management, and field work management can be challenging.  These systems – and others like them – present the end user with a geographic and/or schematic interface. Objects inside these maps (line segments, transformers, breakers, valves, etc.) can be unrecognizable to more traditional automation tools. This has compromised the fidelity of test automation forcing projects to forego automation altogether or implement workarounds that are less than ideal. Image based technologies resolve this by building image collections to recognize and interact with previously unrecognizable mapping objects.


Image based technologies can be used with automated scripts that:

  • Identify and interact with a cell tower symbol within the map of an online real estate planning system
  • Navigate across the geographic view using pan/zoom and street find
  • Confirm a visual geographic boundary is visible on the map only as long as the properties dialog associated with that area remains open
  • Assess the state of transformers (open vs. close) within an Outage Management System (OMS) using the images within the map alone.