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As we continue into the fall of 2020, there is an overwhelming amount of uncertainty in the marketplace.

In the past 6 months alone, corporate America has significantly evolved in terms of where and how we work. On top of this, millions of Americans have unexpectedly found themselves on the job market, as businesses across the country continue to face the ramifications of the pandemic. Regardless of your current employment status, we at Olenick believe that maintaining a professional resume and social network platform profiles (such as LinkedIn) are keys to career success. Here are a few tips on how to showcase your profile and be readily prepared, should you find yourself back on the job market.


Let’s take a look at your resume first…

Attention to Detail

Within the Information and Technology sector, new trends and tools are constantly emerging. In order to maintain relevancy, it is crucial to accurately depict every bit of experience you have within your resume. In the eyes of a recruiter, it’s helpful to list out all technical skills, environments worked in, and application and tool names. To go above and beyond, writing out the full name of a tool, followed by the acronym (i.e. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)) will cover all keyword searches ran by companies and recruiters!


Highlight Accomplishments

Market yourself. Include goals you’ve accomplished or milestones you’ve met in your past roles. Managers love to see quantifiable data and specific examples on how you’ve made an impact. All actions add up and are solid conversation points during an interview. Key certifications enhance your technical capability to perform in a new position, as well. Remember to always stay truthful to your level of experience.


Peer Review

Review, review, review! Have a friend or colleague take look at your resume to provide edits and suggestions. This is critical, as sometimes simple grammatical and formatting mistakes immediately take you out of consideration for a role. Your resume is usually your first chance to make a lasting impression, so make it a good one. While you’re in contact with a peer, talk it out too. Conversation may spark a new outlook on how to depict your work experience. Also, this is a perfect way to informally prepare for a potential interview, and the extra review is well worth it!


Now, let’s pull up your LinkedIn profile…

Professional Photo

A professional, front-facing, updated photo is necessary. This will provide an invaluable portrayal of yourself and is almost always the first thing an individual looks at when viewing your LinkedIn. Don’t forget to smile; body language says a lot!



Tell a Story. Effective storytelling engages people in ways that simply listing your qualifications can’t. Sharing a summary of yourself in your own words is a great introduction to viewers on explaining your specialties and what you would like to be known for. Incorporate words commonly used in a search for candidates within your field. If you are actively on the market, expressing a title containing verbiage, such as “seeking,” highlights your interest in being contacted by a recruiter or company representative.


Key Skills and Technologies

Similarly to tips on resume updates, as you edit past and present roles it is beneficial to include technologies used, environment worked in, languages, tools, and versions. Remember to include both the full technology name, as well as the acronym so that your profile shows up more often in searches. List this information out in your “Experience” and “Skills” sections on your profile. Be specific, it doesn’t hurt to be repetitive in this sense. This implies your profile is a better match for a position!


Stay Relevant

Besides the technical experience you have, transform your page and activity to reflect who you are as a person. Include volunteer experiences, personal interests, and endorsements from colleagues. It’s refreshing to read a positive quote depicting your work ethic. Outside of your profile page, engage in posts and expand your network by offering expertise to better connect with people. In a primarily remote setting, it’s important to take initiative by checking in with past colleagues, university alumni, or mentors. Be open to new connections; consider reaching out to individuals who work for companies you aspire to be a part of.


All in all, it will always benefit your professional demeanor by keeping your presence up to date and finding innovative ways to stand out in the marketplace. As we are aware, change is inevitable. Let’s collectively take steps to position ourselves in a place to succeed and grow throughout out our career.


Written by the Olenick Recruiting Team | Click HERE for information on Careers at Olenick!

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