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As a Lead Sr. Consultant at Olenick, I am often researching ways to help our clients implement a testing process and define an ongoing strategy that will not break their budgets while offering quality results. I’ve compiled the below notes for you to consider should you find yourself in a similar situation.


Use JMeter (free open source tool) 

Execute test with BlazeMeter service (low cost compared to other commercial tools).


FYI: BlazeMeter provides a free Chrome browser plugin to capture the JMeter script. A Proof-of-Concept is required to verify that JMeter supports your application. After JMeter support verification, the final edited JMeter script can be uploaded to the BlazeMeter service to run your tests. This eliminates the need to have JMeter servers installed and having the required Internet bandwidth for your testing volume. For local installations, you can open a port for external access.


WHY BlazeMeter and JMeter? BlazeMeter offers enhanced reporting, compared to what JMeter comes with and BlazeMeter is fairly low cost:


Blazemeter Graph 1Blazemeter Graph 2Blazemeter Graph 3Blazemeter Graph 4Blazemeter Graph 5Blazemeter Graph 6


How does your experience with BlazeMeter compare? Watch for more Olenick IT blog posts on cloud app load testing and monitoring.



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