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SCM Process Diagram

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is an integrated solution that powers supply chains driven by information.

With Oracle SCM, companies can predict market requirements, innovate in response to volatile market conditions, and align operations across global networks. SCM is a set of activities turning raw materials into finished goods and distributing to the customer through the distribution channel:


Supply Chain Management



Nothing is more volatile to supply chains right now than COVID-19: the novel coronavirus (2019nCoV). This virus highlights the need to transform traditional supply chain models to effectively manage risk and disruption. One of the exposed vulnerabilities of many organizations is the high dependency on China as a cost-effective technique to fulfill raw materials, semi-finished, or finished goods. There has been much discussion noting China as the world’s factory, and any disruption puts the supply chain at risk. According to WebMD, the virus spread from Wuhan, China out to Europe and North America; companies who rely on China as primary or secondary suppliers face significant disruption. Until conditions approach “normalcy” there are many ways that companies can respond to immediate change:


  • Educate employees on COVID-19 symptoms and preventions
  • Provide virus screening practices
  • Prepare for unplanned absences
  • Restrict domestic and international travel
  • Focus on cost reduction
  • Research and activate alternate sources of supply
  • Prepare for plant or warehouse closures
  • Plan and manage outbound distribution and logistics
  • Understand the new supply
  • Understand the new demand
  • Communicate with suppliers and customers
  • Plan for recovery and revitalization


Looking Ahead

For many years, the driving force to supply chain optimization was to minimize cost and reduce inventories. The Coronavirus illustrated that many companies were not fully aware of the vulnerability of their supply chains to global shocks. New supply chain technologies that improve the supplier-to-customer process are sprouting, and new methodologies and government policies to bring back manufacturing to the Americas – such as reshoring manufacturing – are emerging, all with their own unique and challenging activities. A shrinking supply chain footprint and this reshoring of manufacturing may be a cost/resilience tradeoff to localize sourcing, production, and distribution.


As we can see, this supply chain process has interconnected activities. For a smoother process flow, these activities should be clearly defined and have standard operating procedures. With Oracle SCM, our clients transform their big data into winning analytics for unparalleled strategies. Olenick applies advanced staffing to help our customers sprint smarter, faster, and longer. The demand for SCM testing professionals is increasing, as many SCM implementation projects spend a large budget amount on testing and related activities. Upgrading and sustaining the Oracle SCM also adds to budgetary planning.


Olenick consultants with solid Supply Chain Management experience contribute to the functional design and testing of your Oracle SCM instance. Our goal is to assist our customers to evaluate business requirements, needs, objectives, and prepare a solution approach with effort and cost estimates.

Some SCM implementation projects fail because of improper test planning and execution. SCM systems may be available in multiple versions targeting multiple customers.  Our company understands different features, target customers, and industries, and the Olenick testing team knows the purpose and functionalities of complex systems.


There are many types of testing in the SCM system, which requires a dedicated testing force. Below are some types of testing Olenick consulting provides, to ensure each component of the SCM system meets expectations of quality:



Olenick understands that all these components and their features are important, and Olenick provides trained testing professionals to prepare test plans and test suites with all feasible use cases to be covered for the application under test.


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