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Anyone who has been in the Software Testing or QA field for a decent length of time has seen the different iterations and versions that Microfocus Application Lifecycle Management has gone through – from Mercury Test Director to Mercury ALM to HP ALM to Micro Focus ALM.Mercury ALM to HP ALM to Micro Focus ALM.

During the beginnings of my career as a QA professional, I always wondered: “What would I validate when there is a version change or upgrade to any software? In my experience with several upgrade projects over the years, mainly I first look for Release notes to check: “What are the new and updated functionalities?” as part of the latest upgrade, and secondly identify the functionalities which need to be regression tested as part of the upgrade.


Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management is no different from other software. From Mercury Test Director 8.0 to HP ALM 12.5 to Micro Focus ALM 15, we need to validate all the enhancements in the new version and also validate the existing functionalities once the upgrade is done.


As Olenick has been involved in many ALM upgrades for our clients, we have documented a comprehensive validation checklist for ALM 15, which we are sharing with you in this article, to save you time on your next ALM upgrade. Read on, and enjoy!


Download the PDF HERE.


Some key functionalities introduced as part of ALM 15 are:

  • SSO Authentication
  • Web Runner
  • ALM AutoPass License Server
  • Dashboard Module – Health reports & Email graphs
  • Global Search


Before migrating, check the following table to see if you can proceed:ALM Chart 1 

Pre-Migration Validation

Also before you upgrade a project, the verification process is run to check the accuracy of your database user schema and data. Although your database user schema and data may be correct for your previous Quality Center or ALM version, they may not be consistent with the specifications for the current version of ALM.

To perform the pre migration verification, you need to have Site Admin privilege.

  • Verify Domains and Projects
  • Repairing
  • Upgrade

Follow this link to understand the complete pre-migration validation process.


Post-Migration Validation

Validation checklist – For this ALM upgrade we need to perform validation at three levels:

  • Site Administration level
  • Project Administration level
  • User Level


 SITE Admin Validations

ALM Site Admin Validations 1

ALM Site Admin Validations 2


Project Admin Validations

ALM Project Admin Validations


User Validations

ALM User Validations

What’s new in ALM 15 can be found here on the Micro Focus website.


Download the PDF of this checklist HERE.


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