Olenick’s Test Leadership & Execution Supports UFCU’s Initiative to Bring Card Processing In-House

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Chicago, IL and Austin, TXOlenick, a global leader in software quality engineering, and University Federal Credit Union (UFCU), Austin’s largest locally owned institution, recently partnered to complete a large Quality Assurance (QA) initiative to successfully deliver a complex credit card processing conversion project.  UFCU completed the project as scheduled in February 2019, due to the collaboration and assistance that was provided by Olenick.


Olenick’s primary role was the authorship, execution and management of the test effort for nearly 500 Lending and Collections test cases. The testing included critical functions such as overnight batch processing and the successful execution of multiple functions in Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite.  Olenick also managed the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase for three business units and the deployment activities for UFCU’s Collections and Lending departments.


The project included multiple integration points and short testing timeframes. Olenick and UFCU agreed to take a risk-based approach with the highest priority given to member-facing, and high compliance and financial impact test scenarios. The test plan also included targeted regression testing of the highest priority functions.


“Large, complex system conversions are exciting opportunities for Credit Unions to improve member experience and operate more efficiently,” said Olenick Credit Union Practice Lead Sharon Mueller. “They also carry a fair amount of risk, making thorough test planning and execution a necessity. UFCU recognized the need to embed Quality Assurance principles in every stage of their project and, as a result, realized a successful conversion. We are thrilled to have contributed to their success.”


The conversion project resulted in many benefits for UFCU and their Members, including improvements in member communication, the ability to create customized programs with improved offerings, and enhanced flexibility for product-related changes.  UFCU was also able to reduce their statement cycles from 18 each month to only four, which is a significant efficiency improvement. One consolidated system for credit and debit also provides robust data analytics and reporting capabilities, and better enablement for online and mobile functionality.


“We chose to update our credit card programs to provide more benefits, rewards, and on-the-go options. It was a large-scale endeavor, and absolutely worth it to provide a richer overall banking experience for our Members,” said Tony C Budet, UFCU President/CEO.


In addition to test planning and execution, Olenick was able to assist UFCU with several other Quality Assurance initiatives. Olenick worked with UFCU to estimate the number of resources required to test 12 external applications that integrate with UFCU’s core application, Jack Henry Episys, and made resource recommendations to support the test execution. Olenick also developed two key artifacts: a scorecard and related metrics to track UAT, and a deployment playbook for Lending and Collections, which included 85 tasks to execute over the conversion weekend. Both artifacts included test progression metrics and graphs for easy reporting, and can be reused by UFCU for future testing projects.


About Olenick

Olenick is a global leader in software quality engineering practices with over 300 consultants and four global locations. Olenick ensures delivery of successful projects by providing software testing and quality assurance, requirements and project management, and DevOps services. Olenick partners with Credit Unions to test and integrate core systems with online and mobile banking, consumer loan and mortgage origination, and credit card systems. To learn more, visit olenick.com.


About UFCU

As a Member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, UFCU is passionate about changing lives and strengthening communities. With more than 301,000 Members in Central Texas and Galveston County and assets under management exceeding $2.9 billion, UFCU offers a variety of products, services, and education programs to empower Members in achieving financial health. To learn more, visit UFCU.org.


This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

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