Olenick Solves a VSTS Reporting Challenge

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Olenick has developed tooling that is able to generate test status reports from cloud-based VSTS. These tools solve issues that arise when needing to produce test execution trend reports from the VSTS hosted environment. While TFS users have had access to this data via SSRS, now VSTS users can get access to this historical data easily and effectively.


The tooling automates the process that harvests test results information from a Team Project or a collection of Team Projects and provides access to that historical data in a variety of formats.


“VSTS continues to improve on a month to month basis. Olenick’s QA team needed more access to historical data than is currently available within VSTS. By leveraging Microsoft’s Team Services APIs, we have created a process whereby QA departments using VSTS can get the data they need to report their ongoing testing progress,” said Brent Melson, VP of Innovation.


A report example is below; this tooling is exclusive to Olenick and is currently being used by several clients. Olenick sets up the tools, trains client personnel, and customizes reports from the testing data. To learn more, contact us here.




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