Olenick Podcast: Innovation, Automation, AI, and ILTA>ON with Beth Anne Stuebe

Automation Services

Olenick Professional Services Group sat down with Beth Anne Stuebe from ILTA Publications to talk about all things innovation, automation, AI, and ILTA>ON.


Ben Tyler, Bill Mertes, John Miner, Rick Lesley, and TJ Johnson spoke about where they think automation is going, and what is critical to a firm thinking about automating a process.


Automation continues to help streamline repetitive tasks as well as many other benefits such as: reduced cost, increased productivity, improved process visibility, low technical barrier, flexibility, and increased accuracy. After years of research and development, Olenick’s expertise with automation helps guide those who are automating their processes on the importance of deciding what to automate and defining requirements. Olenick offers multiple automation services that can help your business with automation efforts.


“It is a critical decision, [to assess what to automate] because automation is some sort of development and evolves quite bit effort. There is an investment up front and some maintenance required. It is important to make good decisions […] [On selecting what to automate] It’s really the types of things that have criticality to the business, to the technology, things are high volume, and things you do frequently. Select things that are repeatable, and data driven.” – Rick Lesley, Senior VP, on Considering Automation.


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