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As a follow-up to my Performance Test with Minimal Expense post, here are a few tips on how to incorporate server monitoring into your BlazeMeter Tests. In addition to the standard metrics on the requests generated in performance tests, it is beneficial to monitor the servers of applications. Monitoring servers of an application during performance testing will allow you to see if any resource issues occur so that they can be addressed by hardware or software resolutions.


Amazon Web Services Servers During BlazeMeter / JMeter


BlazeMeter has an integration feature to include Amazon’s CloudWatch monitoring of your AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosted applications. The Amazon Web Services Servers is a no cost option to improve testing results.


CloudWatch provides monitoring of the server metrics, including CPU utilization, memory utilization, and network utilization.


The CloudWatch metrics are incorporated into BlazeMeter reports:



New Relic Integration with Blazemeter

BlazeMeter offers an integration with New Relic for enhanced application monitoring.


Click for more information on New Relic.


Standard performance testing will show you performance for requests, or logical actions. The next level of performance testing is accomplished by monitoring the performance at the application code level which allows you to determine the application code that needs to be optimized for improved performance. A subsequent performance test can verify the tuning was effective, as well as verify that other measured requests / logical actions are not negatively affected by the change. New Relic will have an associated cost, but really takes testing to another level.


Below is a screenshot which shows the New Relic APM integration in a BlazeMeter test.


For this example I selected an application specific call, so it could be monitored during the performance test.


If you have any questions on these testing options, please reach out; we have deep experience performing integrated solutions for performance testing.



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