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Two Ways Keynote Improves Mobile Testing and Monitoring

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Keynote demonstration of their testing tools for mobile apps and websites on real devices across cellular networks. Here are two takeaways from the presentation that I, as an automation test specialist, was thoroughly impressed by.


1. Real-Time Benchmarking

Benchmark Testing results in Keynote

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The Digital Performance Intelligence product provides a detailed analysis of customer experiences divided by time periods, region, or device. It also shows comparisons to competitor’s websites and apps.



2. Real-Time Third-Party Benchmarking

Benchmark Testing results in Keynote

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Expanding on Real-Time Benchmarking, these analytics focus on JavaScript and other services impacting web and app performance.



What stood out as the highlight of the presentation was that Keynote provides scalable real devices across platforms and carriers allowing control over every aspect of mobile devices. All functionality performed on a physical device can be performed on Keynote’s largest real device mobile browser libraries, which includes the most current and popular smartphones and tablets. They provide testing on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phones. Additionally, through Keynote, organizations can test wearables, and even unique devices such as ruggedized, set-top, and in-vehicle devices.


“Keynote is the global leader in cloud–based testing, monitoring and analytics for mobile and web, optimizing the value of every digital interaction, enhancing user experience and driving business value through online performance. We operate the world’s largest cloud testing, monitoring and analytics network that collects over 700 million mobile and website performance measurements daily.”

– About Keynote Performance Monitoring | Keynote 2015



By Jerrold Berry, Lead Senior Consultant – Olenick and Associates, Chicago