IVR – Enhancing the Customer Experience

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows interaction between an automated telephony system and customers. Customers can input their information either by spoken word or a touch-tone key pad without a ‘live agent,’ and the IVR system will direct the call to the appropriate area.  IVR allows a customer to complete non-critical tasks such as scheduling payments, obtaining an account status (due date and balances), and scheduling routine maintenance or deliveries. This improves general services and decreases wait times for customers that want to perform specific tasks in the system quickly.


High volume call centers, banking, and telecommunications companies are the primary businesses utilizing IVR, and they are seeing major benefits.  One benefit IVR provides is an increase in the rate of first contact resolution for customers. With IVR software and technology, a company can create its own “self- service menu” that includes customized greetings and prompts that improve the customer experience. The system can also collect and authenticate customer information to ensure it is up to date. Calls can be routed to the right support agent or department if the needs is outside the limits of the self-service options.


The validation of IVR involves testing responses from customer inputs that are driven by dial pad or voice responses to the system without visual cues. As a test engineer, it was critical to know what voice key words or dial pad triggers prompted the system to correctly route incoming calls so these triggers could be tested.  The project required the Olenick team to validate the IVR software and four other software interfaces.  After validation of the IVR system was complete, our client had a flexible and cost effective solution that improved their customers’ initial contact efficiency ratings. It has been a win for our client and can be a win for you! To learn more about Olenick’s IVR services, contact us here.

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