ILTA Members Can Do More With LSTR


Olenick has developed and maintained a Legal System Test Repository (LSTR) for all ILTA Members to utilize.

This test repository houses manual test cases that are for the core Legal Office Stack of Applications. These allow small to medium-sized firms, who do not have an internal QA resource, access to enough test cases to achieve risk mitigation for their critical legal applications. These test cases can also be used by larger firms as a starting point to build their own test suites or to enhance specific cases that were previously designed.


In the ILTA Community, LSTR includes instructions on how to use the test cases as well as a basic defect log. Each application has a templatized spreadsheet with steps, expected actions, and a place for logging defects and results. LSTR is stored in the Quality Assurance Community on ILTA’s website, which can be found here.


To read more about LSTR and ILTA, check out ILTA’s Spring Peer to Peer Magazine article, “A Repository of Software QA Tools at your Fingertips” here.


Want to learn more about Quality Assurance, and how to use LSTR?:

On April 29th, join Olenick’s Strategy Director, TJ Johnson, as she shares ways you can improve the success of your software projects and the quality assurance maturity of your organization. She will review how to incorporate Quality Assurance (QA) throughout the software project lifecycle and develop a QA Strategy for new applications/technology projects. TJ will demo ILTA’s Legal System Test Repository (LSTR), built and maintained by Olenick, which provides ILTA members with a broad set of test cases for the core Legal Office Stack of Applications.


LSTR is used by small firms who don’t have internal QA resources or can’t afford to outsource QA. Test cases are used to achieve a level of risk mitigation in their critical legal applications. LSTR is also used by larger firms as a starting point for building their own test suite or to enhance what they have already in place for their specific test cases.


*Webinar is open to ILTA Members, registration is found here.

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