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I expect to have a cogent thought or two on the subject of test data management…eventually. Meanwhile, enjoy this satirical antidote on the matter.

Game of Thrones Data

To: Testing Team

CC: Project Management

Re: Does anyone have a test customer account with an Oklahoma billing address?

Thanks, everyone, for the 30 IDs and passwords you’ve sent me, especially for the four that actually have an Oklahoma address. Unfortunately, one of those accounts is no longer open. I’d go into the SQL database and flip it back to ‘active’ but, as we all know, IT turf protection policy does not allow QA direct access to the databases. I will ask Dave, the test environment dba, to fix it for us as soon as he comes back from rock-climbing in Senegal.

The second ID is active but I found out, after putting together a 50-item order and trying to check-out, that the account is in credit hold, according to the test sandbox over at CredCo. I’ve sent them a request to clear it but, sadly, the sun will be burning out in a mere 5 billion years, long before we can expect them to get around to it.

(As an aside, when did all six test AlbanianExpress card numbers expire? And who do we have to talk to over on the legacy-component testing side to get those fixed? And when is development going to fix that bug that forces you to start an order over (50 items!) after you submit an expired credit card?)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yea. Oklahoma. The third customer looks OK (OK okay, not OK Oklahoma)… in general… but I didsay ‘billing’ address, not ‘shipping’. Yep, I just checked. I definitely specified ‘billing’. But hey! At least we have one user we can use to verify at least some Oklahoma functionality! It doesn’t help me, right now, but that’s worth something, right?

Good news also about customer number four: It is active, it’s not on credit hold, and it does have an Oklahoma billing address! Unfortunately… well, I guess I forgot to mention that the billing address needs to be a business rather than a residence, the customer needs to be between the ages of 30-39, and they need to own a brown and white cocker spaniel.It does not matter what gender they are! Repeat: Gender-neutral.

Does anyone have a customer I can actually use? Anyone? Bueller?

Oh, my daily status update: Half a day behind, 12 test cases blocked due to lack of appropriate test data. The good news is that we have at least two customers in Oklahoma that should work with at least some of the 72 test cases dealing with Oklahoma-specific business rules (to say nothing of the common functionality regression suite) which, as you all know, is better than the one we were able to find in Wyoming, and the none we were able to find anywhere among the Ohio River watershed states. So I’d say, all in all, that we’re in relatively good shape. As far as Oklahoma goes.


Next week on Game of Thrones Data: Who has a little extra bandwidth this afternoon to help me push 1500 orders into the system for tonight’s load test?

By Daniel Kurtz, Senior Consultant – Olenick & Associates, Chicago

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