Eggplant – Performance Matters June 2018

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“Performance is User Experience”

– Forresters


I was lucky enough to attend the Eggplant Performance Matters conference in London where a number of speakers from Eggplant, along with guest speakers from various companies that use their tools, spoke on the topic of why performance testing matters.


The conference started with the above quote and that theme was carried throughout the day. Users aren’t interested in when the http response packet is delivered to their device, they care when they can interact with the application or website they are using.


For those of you that are unfamiliar Eggplant consists of a number of products:

Eggplant Functional – functional automation tool

Eggplant AI – uses machine learning to auto-generate

Eggplant Performance – load and performance tools

Eggplant Manager – web-based test management system

Eggplant Automation Cloud – system under test reservation system

Eggplant Network – network emulator

Eggplant Integrations – collection of tools for integrating Eggplant into third-party tools

Eggplant Manual – manual testing solution

Eggbox – includes a range of pre-installed Eggplant tools


Obviously, the Performance Matters conference concentrated mostly on the Eggplant Performance tool but there was also some discussion around Eggplant Functional and Eggplant AI.


There were some very interesting ideas and case studies discussed during the conference but one of the most important concepts was covered by Eggplant’s CTO, Antony Edwards who discussed four key questions regarding performance.


What performances matters?

Different parts of a website can be of higher or lower performance without it really impacting a customer’s journey through an application or whether or not they will leave a site. For example, does the performance of the Terms & Conditions page of your application really matter?


Is your application time sensitive e.g. selling tickets where a slow experience could mean a customer deciding to use a different application if their initial choice is too slow? On the other hand if it’s a site where a user has spent their time browsing and carefully selecting items to add into their basket are they really likely to leave if the checkout is a little bit slower than they expected?


The type of site or application and even the specific parts of it can have a different answer to the question – does the performance of this matter?


How much does it matter?


Is there going to be a trade-off for the potential performance improvements? If ads were removed, performance would improve but at the trade-off of decreased revenue.


There is usually going to be a trade-off for improving performance e.g. removing high-resolution images may improve performance but may make the site or application look worse on high-resolution displays.


How to improve performance?

Eggplant uses Digital Performance Management

• Monitor Website / Application

Begin by monitoring how the website / application to be tested is currently performing.

• Quantify Key Drivers

Identify what drives the business outcomes and quantify those outcomes.

• Identify Improvements

Identify where improvements can be made and predict the impact of those improvements.

• Update and Measure

Implement the changes that have been identify and measure the impact those improvements have.


How to constantly improve performance?

For any website, to keep customer satisfaction high, performance cannot be looked at once and then forgotten. Performance needs to be a continuous process so Digital Performance Management needs to be part of any release schedule. As new components are introduced they need to be monitored and improvements identified consistently.


Having an experienced partner who understands performance testing and will work with you to ensure your website meets your customers’ needs is invaluable. Olenick is constantly looking at the latest developments in tools like Eggplant Performance to ensure you have the right tool to meet your needs.  For more information on automating your application, or to get help with Performance evaluations, in general please feel free to reach out to us.

Nick Hope    

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