Codeless Test Automation

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Clients often ask Olenick for help making their test automation smarter; as such, we make a point to stay abreast of new automation offerings.


Last month, Olenick attended a Lunch & Learn hosted by one of our partners, Original Software.  The lunch and learn explained how their tools make automation more effective.  Original Software offers a unique set of products that include tools for test quality management, functional test execution, UAT and functional test automation. TestDrive is their automated software testing solution which enables a truly codeless automated test suite as well as utilizes existing testing resources as opposed to hiring automation engineers or software developers.


The initial portion of the Lunch & Learn was focused on test automation best practices including concepts such as:

•    Test Case Prioritization – Choosing the best test cases for automation
•    Repeatability – Making sure your automation can be reused for future releases
•    Adaptability – The automation works across different platforms and browsers
•    “Shift-Right” Concept – Shifting the required experience need for automation from development to system testing


The second portion of the Lunch & Learn focused on Original Software’s test automation tool, TestDrive. TestDrive was built to be truly codeless, which differentiates it from other commercial and open source.  Test automation can be built by the system testers who are more familiar with testing and QA processes. TestDrive is built to eliminate much of the framework development typically required of most automation tools. The key benefits of TestDrive are:

•    Codeless test automation – Less need for development resources
•    Self-healing script technology for easier maintenance
•    Integration with other Original Software tools – Easy transition from manual to automated test case
•    Out of the box support for multiple technologies


Original Software’s next lunch and learn will take place on January 31, 2017.


Author: Mark Behrens, Senior Associate at Olenick