Automate What? That’s the Right Question! An ILTA Peer to Peer Article by TJ Johnson

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Check out Professional Services Strategy Director TJ Johnson‘s latest article in the summer edition of ILTA’s Peer to Peer publication: “Automate What? That’s the Right Question!”


“What should we automate?  What are the priorities when assessing what to automate?”

TJ Johnson provides an overview of what kinds of processes could and should be automated. She looks at the major legal automation categories and tools  – Document Automation / Doc Assembly / Doc Drafting / Templates / Styles / Macros, Workflow Tools / RPA, Email Management, Social Media Monitoring Tools, Practice Management automation, and Software Automation Testing.  The need for automation has grown from a ripple on the water to a tidal wave.  TJ’s call to action is that automation can be one of those new things that makes a difference for your organization, for your attorneys and your IT and QA staff by mitigating some of the risks associated with a largely distributed workforce.


Read the full article HERE.

TJ Johnson

TJ Johnson    

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