About Olenick: A Qualitest Company

Olenick was founded to raise the quality of software application deployments.


After spending 25 years in software development as a programmer, analyst, DBA, and project manager, Founder Tom Olenick recognized the need for services that focused on making IT projects successful. By bringing the right people and processes to bear across project management, business analysis, testing, and overall quality management, Tom knew he could provide pragmatic solutions to problems he had seen repeatedly throughout his career.


Founded in 1998, Olenick is a global leader in software quality engineering practices, focusing on Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Project Management, Requirements Management and DevOps. With over 300 consultants and locations in the U.S., Europe, and South America, Olenick serves a client base comprised of small-to-mid-sized and Fortune 100 companies. Olenick maintains a high-touch approach with every client and regards understanding the client’s particular needs paramount to providing a solution. This approach ensures that solutions are designed to produce noticeable impact and drive success that is measurable in terms of quality, cost, and timeliness.

6 Principles of the Olenick Consultant

Our Consultants uphold the following 6 principles that characterize Olenick’s philosophy of client service:

Have an Impact

Have an Impact

Having an impact is a key element of our client engagement charter. Our clients feel our Consultants' involvement in their world is more than just as a project participant. They are a noticeable factor in their success.
Adapt to the Project

Adapt to the Project

Working quickly to understand the cadence, spirit, and history of the project as best as possible is key to our Consultants. Projects have personalities, so it is important to fit in and understand how you can have an influence.
Client Success = Olenick Success

Client Success = Olenick Success

Our mission is not based on billing the client. We assess our success based on our clients’ achievement of their goals and objectives.
Embrace Collaboration

Embrace Collaboration

Appreciate the power of working together – utilizing teammates for ideas and knowledge exchange. Working together makes for a much more pleasant and fulfilling experience.
Work Product Reflects You

Work Product Reflects You

The old axioms of ‘Pride in Your Work’ & ‘If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Right’. Always believe that doing something well will give you the highest level of satisfaction.
Serious & Focused

Serious & Focused

Our Consultants' attitudes are never blasé or cavalier regarding their clients' goals and challenges. There is a genuine feeling by our clients that our consultants are concerned and have their best interests at heart.

Meet The Olenick Leadership Team

Rick Lesley Headshot
Rick Lesley

Executive Vice President

Kevin Flynn Headshot
Kevin Flynn

Senior Vice President, Energy & Utilities

Bill Mertes Headshot
Bill Mertes

Vice President, Professional Services

Jim Wildman Headshot
Jim Wildman

Vice President, Employee Engagement

Scott Christensen Headshot
Scott Christensen

Vice President, Professional Services

Erin Bonner Headshot
Erin Bonner

Vice President, Delivery East Coast

Brent Melson Headshot
Brent Melson

Vice President, Innovation

Tom Van Duerm Headshot
Tom Van Duerm

Vice President, Finance

Shawn Hertzig Headshot
Shawn Hertzig

Vice President, New Business Development

Scott Swanigan Headshot
Scott Swanigan

Vice President, Energy and Utilities

Mike Mokrzycki Headshot
Mike Mokrzycki

Vice President, Quality Engineering Solutions

Claire McBride Headshot
Claire McBride

Managing Director: Europe

Ben Tyler Headshot
Ben Tyler

Director of Delivery: Europe

Ricardo Ferrari Headshot
Ricardo Ferrari

Managing Director: South America

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Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to creating a dynamic community of intentional diversity, where we celebrate our individual differences as the source of our collective strength and value human decency above all.


Business in the Community, Northern Ireland Responsible Business Champion One-to-Watch Category: 2020
ILTA Consultant of the Year: 2020
Investors In People Accreditation: Belfast Office
Supplier Community Engagement Award at the Exelon Supplier Conference: 2017
Exelon Diversity Supplier Advocate of the Year Award: 2014
ILTA Innovative Consultant of the Year Award: 2013

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