Dec, 16 2014

Your Agile Team Explored

Teams Have Always Been, and Will Always Be, the Reason for SuccessIt’s all about the TEAM!There are four stages of a team which require four different skills of a Scrum Master: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. Below you will find a table of skills required for each stage of the team based on my experience. Please download as a complement to this post. Download or View PDFIt typically takes 6 […]
Nov, 26 2014

The Impacts of Lack of Testing Process

As I wrap up my series on ‘Lack of Process’ I wanted to call attention to, of course, LACK OF TESTING PROCESS.As a Test Manager at Olenick & Associates, I’ve had the pleasure of working on projects where processes were followed and the learning experience of working on projects where there was not much in the way of processes, or processes were not followed.I am a big believer in […]
Nov, 18 2014

Web Content Accessibility

WEB ACCESSIBILITY – Just Think About It.More often than not the term web accessibility is used to describe how people with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities can access the web. However, with the average age of web users going up every year we need to keep in mind that an aging population will generally start to exhibit issues such as loss of eyesight, manual dexterity, […]
Nov, 14 2014

The Impacts of Lack of Development Process

The Development Process is the foundation for the final deliverable and is what your customers will be receiving.As a Test Manager at Olenick & Associates, I’ve worked on many projects, both big and small. There have been projects where processes were followed and projects where there was not much in the way of processes, or processes were not followed. This is the 4th post in my blog series focusing […]
Nov, 12 2014

Scrum Master Shares Lessons of Success

“The best way to reduce cost and time is to improve quality” – DemingFour years ago, I decided to go for it and become a Certified Scrum Master (CSM). Over the next couple of weeks I’d like to share some basic learned lessons from the course, along with advice generated from my professional experience.Where does agile come from? Agile bases its principles on the foundation of Lean (aka – lean manufacturing, lean […]
Nov, 7 2014

Requirements: Choosing Your Words Carefully

Requirements are the baseline for any project, as without requirements we don’t have a definitive list of set functions that the business requires the system/software to do.Sometimes we come across projects that will have requirements documentation or the requirements will need to be drawn from other available documentation such as the test plan or test strategy. We may also come across some instances where by the project has very […]
Nov, 6 2014

Exelon Diversity Supplier Advocate of the Year

Exelon Diversity Supplier Advocate of the YearVeteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), Olenick & Associates, was named the Exelon Diversity Supplier Advocate of the Year on Oct. 1, 2014, at the Exelon Supplier Conference in Chicago, IL. “Since 2005, Exelon and its subsidiaries have facilitated close to a half-billion dollars in corporate spending from certified diverse suppliers on an annual basis. Exelon aspires to be a world-class company in the area of […]
Nov, 5 2014

The Impacts of Lack of Design Process

As a Test Manager at Olenick & Associates, I am a big believer in the idea that the more planning at the beginning of the project means the rest of the project will go a lot smoother and faster. In this blog post series I am reflecting on various processes and how lack of process, or processes not being followed, can really screw up a project.For more on my […]
Oct, 29 2014

You on Paper: Resume Tips

The dreaded resume: Your accomplishments and accolades, with a touch of personality all on a piece of paper so that you can find that dream job, or pay your bills. Either way, at some point we all market ourselves with a resume or C.V. and many of us think, “I’m not doing this right,” “What makes me so special?,” “Is this too long?” and then, when we can’t answer […]
Oct, 27 2014

You on Paper: CV / Resume Tips from Belfast

Almost everyone, at some point, has had to write a curriculum vitae (C.V.). It may be for your first job out of University or for a new opportunity, but it is the main selling point of your skills to a potential employer, and it is important that it is written in order to showcase your talent in the best way possible.While this may seem daunting, there are certain tips […]