Oct, 10 2014

The Impacts of Lack of Project Management Processes

As a Test Manager at Olenick & Associates, I’ve worked on many projects, both big and small. There have been projects where processes were followed and projects where there was not much in the way of processes, or processes were not followed. I am a big believer in the idea that more planning at the beginning of the project means the rest of the project will go a lot […]
Sep, 12 2014

Bank Acquisitions: It’s About the Data

As a Test Manager at Olenick & Associates, I’ve had the pleasure of working through three acquisitions for a large bank and it is my conclusion that it all boils down to data. In this blog post I hope to enlighten you on some of the nuances I’ve encountered along the way and how to ask the right questions for your project.First and foremost, each acquisition is different, at […]
Sep, 4 2014

Infamous Software Bugs: AT&T Switches

In this third installment of our ‘Infamous Software Bugs’ series – a series with the goal of examining software blunders and identifying the bugs behind them – we will be focusing on AT&T’s Long-Distance Network Collapse that left callers waiting… and waiting… and waiting.AT&T’s Long-Distance Network Upgrade BugIn 1990, AT&T tried to initiate a very complex software upgrade with the intent of speeding up long distance calls. Instead of bringing customers better […]
Aug, 22 2014

Infamous Software Bugs: FDIV Bug

This is the second post in our ‘Infamous Software Bugs’ series, created to examine some of the most well-known software blunders and the bugs that caused them. Last week we introduced you to the Mars Orbiter. The Bug du Jour: The 1994 Intel FDIV bug. The average computer user would never encounter this bug, as it only compromised a degree of mathematical accuracy very few users required. One of those few, a Virginia math professor, took the […]
Aug, 15 2014

Infamous Software Bugs: Mars Orbiter

Bugs can be both annoying and inconvenient – and I’m not just talking about the buzzing pests looking to land in your potato salad. Just as some insects can pose a threat to your well-being, software bugs can pose a threat to your software or system’s well-being – in addition, they can be costly to fix. This is the first blog in our ‘Infamous Software Bugs’ series, which will take a […]
Jul, 28 2014

Renewed Microsoft Partnership and WPC 2014

This month, Olenick & Associates renewed their annual Microsoft Partnership. In 2013, we obtained Silver Certification in the Devices and Deployments Competency, a certification based on client work, individual Microsoft certifications, and various sales exams.What does Microsoft Certification mean to Olenick & Associates?Access to a variety of software licenses, including MSDN subscriptions, that can be used to train and prepare for client engagementsOpportunities for consultants to obtain Microsoft certificationsEntry […]
Jul, 24 2014

UAT is the Final Frontier

For Captain James T. Kirk space was the final frontier. Similarly, for any Software Enterprise, UAT forms the final frontier between initial development and the rest of the system’s life. Beyond this there are two conflicting, though not so diverse, universes:One where life is easier, your needs are all met and you get great results every time.The other is a world of nothing – nothing functions, nothing is ever completed […]
Jul, 23 2014

Software Testing in ALM

An Ongoing ProcessSoftware/Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)  is a continual process that should be addressed by all organizations on a regular basis. Applications are constantly updated and need to be tested for functionality and performance as new releases are created and promoted into an environment.  Failure to fully test applications prior to production deployment could have a drastic result on business operations and the bottom line of an organization.   A Critical […]
Jul, 21 2014

The Importance of Testing

Often the approach to this subject is “We don’t need to test our solution because the vendor must have thoroughly tested.” This is sometimes true, however, the environment it was tested in may have been a controlled environment and not fit the requirements of the company that will actually be implementing the software. Without proper testing, a company could be looking at increased costs and extensive hours of support, at […]
Jul, 17 2014

Why Automated Testing Matters?

SPEED TO MARKET:A company that can release a mobile or web app into the marketplace earlier than its competitors will hold a competitive advantage. Slow entry and lost profits can lead to erosion of a company’s fortunes.As web and mobile apps have grown tremendously, a testing team will certainly encounter a challenge to run multiple tests on both platforms to achieve good test coverage. This change occurs at a […]