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Your Agile Team Explored

Teams Have Always Been, and Will Always Be, the Reason for Success It’s all about the TEAM! There are four stages of a team which require four different skills of a Scrum Master: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. Below you will find a table of skills... read more

The Impacts of Lack of Testing Process

  As I wrap up my series on ‘Lack of Process’ I wanted to call attention to, of course, LACK OF TESTING PROCESS. As a Test Manager at Olenick & Associates, I’ve had the pleasure of working on projects where processes were followed and the learning... read more

Web Content Accessibility

WEB ACCESSIBILITY – Just Think About It. More often than not the term web accessibility is used to describe how people with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities can access the web. However, with the... read more

The Impacts of Lack of Development Process

The Development Process is the foundation for the final deliverable and is what your customers will be receiving. As a Test Manager at Olenick & Associates, I’ve worked on many projects, both big and small. There have been projects where processes were followed... read more

Scrum Master Shares Lessons of Success

“The best way to reduce cost and time is to improve quality” – Deming Four years ago, I decided to go for it and become a Certified Scrum Master (CSM). Over the next couple of weeks I’d like to share some basic learned lessons from the course, along with advice... read more

Requirements: Choosing Your Words Carefully

Requirements are the baseline for any project, as without requirements we don’t have a definitive list of set functions that the business requires the system/software to do. Sometimes we come across projects that will have requirements documentation or the... read more

Exelon Diversity Supplier Advocate of the Year

Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), Olenick & Associates, was named the Exelon Diversity Supplier Advocate of the Year on Oct. 1, 2014, at the Exelon Supplier Conference in Chicago, IL.  “Since 2005, Exelon and its subsidiaries have facilitated close to a... read more

The Impacts of Lack of Design Process

As a Test Manager at Olenick & Associates, I am a big believer in the idea that the more planning at the beginning of the project means the rest of the project will go a lot smoother and faster. In this blog post series I am reflecting on various processes and how... read more

You on Paper: Resume Tips

 The dreaded resume: Your accomplishments and accolades, with a touch of personality all on a piece of paper so that you can find that dream job, or pay your bills. Either way, at some point we all market ourselves with a resume or C.V. and many of us think, “I’m not... read more

You on Paper: CV / Resume Tips from Belfast

Almost everyone, at some point, has had to write a curriculum vitae (C.V.). It may be for your first job out of University or for a new opportunity, but it is the main selling point of your skills to a potential employer, and it is important that it is written in... read more

Infamous Software Bugs: FDIV Bug

This is the second post in our ‘Infamous Software Bugs’ series, created to examine some of the most well-known software blunders and the bugs that caused them. Last week we introduced you to the Mars Orbiter. The Bug du Jour: The 1994 Intel FDIV bug. The... read more

Infamous Software Bugs: Mars Orbiter

Bugs can be both annoying and inconvenient – and I’m not just talking about the buzzing pests looking to land in your potato salad. Just as some insects can pose a threat to your well-being, software bugs can pose a threat to your software or system’s well-being – in... read more

SmartGrid Electricity Delivery System

The United States electric grid is a network of transmission and distribution lines, substations, transformers, and devices that deliver alternating current electricity from power generation sources (coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, solar, biomass, and natural gas... read more

Olenick & Associates Exhibitor at Techweek Chicago

It’s Techweek in Chicago! Launching festivities yesterday and celebrating throughout the week, Techweek Chicago promises to be the ‘place to be’ for all things tech – a place where innovators, established tech companies and start-ups can mix... read more

It’s a Goal – No it’s Not, Yes it is!

Poor refereeing decisions have always been a hot topic for debate and argument for soccer fans, and none more so when obvious goals have been disallowed. This has been an integral part of the Soccer World Cup – up until now that is. The 2014 World Cup Finals are the... read more

World Cup Results (Before They Happen)

Brazil and Argentina will easily win their respective group phases. The home team will knock out the Netherlands, Uruguay and Germany on their way to the tournament match, while the representative of the Southernmost O&A office will depend on a penalty shootout in... read more

Connecting the Globe Through Technology and Soccer

IS THERE AN APP FOR THAT?  Unable to view the 2014 FIFA World Cup on TV? There are other ways of keeping up-to-date with all the action – Thank you 21st Century! But, all the choices….Olenick Consultants are here to keep you in the loop on which Apps our... read more

The Importance of SQL Skills for Software Testers

The demand for “all around” testers is growing. What does the phrase “all around” mean? It means that testers should be equipped with the ability to test the system’s functionality through traditional “point, click, and verify” testing methods AND be able... read more

Using Selenium for Performance Automation

  Coding automated test suites for Performance using freeware tools is frequently frightening, but in certain occasions one can accomplish the feat and walk back home unharmed. We like to think that the case covered in this post is a good example of such. The AUT... read more

Don’t Forget About Manual Testing

SOMETIMES THE SIMPLEST SOLUTIONS REALLY ARE THE BEST. Continuous Integration, Agile Development, Automated Testing – there are many options a business needs to consider when deciding how to approach the testing of their new software. With constant pressure to... read more

ALM 12

Earlier this year, HP released the newest version of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) version 12.0. HP ALM is one of the more commonly used software tools for managing the lifecycle of an application under construction. Among the activities that HP ALM... read more

The Big Data Revolution

ARE YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS READY? Members of the Olenick Global, Belfast team attended events last week as part of the global Big Data Week 2014. The key message delivered during conference day was that Big Data is all about making better business decisions that in... read more

Olenick Testing Solutions and Big Data

HOW DOES TESTING CHANGE WHEN BIG DATA IS IN THE MIX?Olenick & Associates is a leader in providing industry-proven Functional Testing Solutions and Best Practices. Software Testing can be complex and it is only becoming more challenging as new technologies and... read more

Following Up with Heartbleed

Three weeks ago (give or take) the Heartbleed defect exploded onto the computer security scene. In the past few weeks the bug has been the subject of both debate and research. Given those discussions and discoveries, now is a good time to take a look at the scope of... read more

Big Data Week 2014 in Belfast and Around the World

Belfast has been chosen as one of only thirty cities worldwide to host events as part of BIGDATA Week 2014. Belfast has also recently been chosen as one of four UK locations to host a new £7m ‘big data’ centre, Northern Ireland is surely on its way to be... read more

New Jobs Forecast for Northern Ireland

In a recent survey, Ireland was ranked number 1 in the world for business – researchers have estimated that there will be about 30,000 new jobs created in Northern Ireland over the next five years. The main areas which will see an increase in hiring are... read more

Game of Test Data Management

I expect to have a cogent thought or two on the subject of test data management…eventually. Meanwhile, enjoy this satirical antidote on the matter.Game of Thrones Data To: Testing Team CC: Project Management  Re: Does anyone have a test customer account with an... read more

The Heartbleed Bug

As you may be aware a flaw in the security infrastructure of much of the internet has been recently discovered. The defect is referred to as “heart bleed” or “Heartbleed” and it is without question one of the biggest challenges to online... read more

Microsoft APP-V Overview

Application Virtualization is a technology that appears to end users as if an application is installed onto a machine. Virtualized applications are in fact not installed and do not leave a footprint on a machine. These applications function and operate in the same... read more

Robot Framework IDE

The Belfast Team, using RIDE with Selenium2Library, recently completed a regression smoke test suite for www.olenick.com. This regressions suite checks that all pages and links work as expected as new builds are deployed. This internal project stemmed from research... read more

HP LoadRunner 12.0: A First Look

The latest version of standalone LoadRunner (12.0) was released by HP on March 17th. With this latest release comes some significant changes over the prior 11.52 release, but not the wholesale type of changes that were present when upgrading from 11 to 11.50. If... read more

Let’s get Connected!

Home is where the heart is and that was no different for Mobile World Congress’s (MWC) Connected City. The connected home is looking like the next big technology revolution that will dramatically change many aspects of our daily lives. These connected services... read more

What is the Value Proposition? How do I get Started?

Big Data IS a Big Deal The question is: WHERE IS THE VALUE PROPOSITION? Welcome to the second webinar in the Value Proposition series. Part 1) What is Hadoop, the History, the Ecosystem? Part 2) What is the Value Proposition? How do I get started? AGENDA Part 2:... read more

The Future is Bright, The Future is Mobile

The future’s bright, the future’s mobile; a connected life with a side order of augmented reality. During Mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC14) I attended a keynote titled ‘Driving New Revenues & Relationships for Operators and Brands’ where Marieta... read more

FitBit Challenge

Mobile World Congress (MWC14) this year was definitely #Connected! From the Connected City, to connected automobiles to pretty much anything imaginable connected living in the mobile world. This year MWC14 had the Fitbit Challenge. A tie-in of connected health and a... read more

What is Hadoop, the History, the Ecosystem?

Big Data IS a Big Deal The question is: WHERE IS THE VALUE PROPOSITION? The following webinars will help you understand two things Part 1) What is Hadoop, the History, the Ecosystem? Part 2) What is the Value Proposition? How do I get started?  AGENDA Part 1: Define... read more

Mobile World Congress in Progress

If you follow Olenick on Social Media you are aware of our presence in Barcelona – Kevin Flynn, Brandon McGuire and Claire McBride made it to Fira Gran Via for 4 days of exploring all that is emerging in the mobile world. Check out the photos our crew was able... read more

A Global Approach with a Local Community Feel

The Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce continues to keep Olenick Global and all its members’ #WellConnected. This coming week we look forward to their “Giant Networking Event” at the Electric Ireland Lounge at the Odyssey Arena here in Belfast. Networking and... read more

Viva Barcelona

As the 10th most visited city in the world and 3rd in Europe, after London and Paris, Barcelona is an internationally renowned tourist destination. Yet whilst these Catalonians know how to party it’s also a hard-working, dynamic place to do business with a focus on... read more

The Title of this Blog Make-Sensor-Not?

One of the most intriguing sensor designs is the printed wireless skin sensor  above. Read the article “New Electronics Can Stretch, Flex and Even Dissolve in the Body” (Discover Magazine, September 2013) to learn more. The discovery of making silicon buckle and... read more

Olenick Global, Belfast – The 2 Year Milestone

As Olenick Global Belfast celebrates 2 years in Northern Ireland, it is time to find our next leader! When we decided to expand our global footprint by opening a testing center of excellence in Belfast, Northern Ireland we knew we had landed in a good pool of talent.... read more

Performance Testing Metrics – Where Do We Start?

From the title, you may think this blog article is going to list a bunch of technical server metrics for performance testing, what they mean and their allowable ranges. I will leave that discussion for a future post. For now, we need to start at the beginning. We need... read more

Beyond Testing – Data Automation

When starting with a new client, there is always a transitional period as you get ramped up on systems, policies, procedures, etc. – How you overcome this transitional period is what can set you up for long term success or failure. There can be a steep learning... read more

Simple Approach to Performance Testing

Performance testing requires participation by experts in System Engineering, Software Development, Business Processes, and Testing. No other type of testing requires the participation of so many roles. What is Performance Testing? A performance test will measure how a... read more

Mobile Device Testing in 2014

Are you attached to your Mobile Device? What kind of device do you have? A high tech phone or a tablet I would imagine. Do you use it for work? Does your work give you a phone or tablet to use? Most of us use our mobile devices for both work and personal needs. I... read more

Performance Testing – New Vistas

WE’VE BEEN HERE Performance testing (aka: load testing) has been like the technology it supports – constantly changing over the years. Testing started with mainframe applications, then client/server was all the rage, after that the internet changed the face of... read more

Deciphering Performance Test Terminology: User Concurrency

To stress out the system under test, multiple users are required to put load to the system. As in the real world scenario, the more users using the system, the more stressed the system becomes. In a simple load profile, each virtual user represents one real world... read more

HP LoadRunner vs. Performance Center

As a consultant at Olenick & Associates I have used HP’s performance testing tools at many clients. Performance testing allows the generation of user load against an application so that the performance, reliability and scalability of an application can be... read more

Olenick & Associates Wishes You a Happy New Year

We wanted to take a moment to thank you – our staff, our partners, our customers and friends for a year to remember!  Olenick & Associates looks back at the last 12 months and wonders, “where did the time go?” Here are just a few of the many highlights: • We... read more

Real World Testing

Real World Testing – we are professional testers, with varying devices and different carriers that test all-hours and at multiple locations – it’s a user experience your app needs and Olenick is ready to deliver.  Learn more below in our video blog.... read more

Customized Metrics Reporting

HP Quality Center / Application Lifecycle Management (QC/ALM) provides a Dashboard interface used to create basic status reports. If a simple report is needed for test teams or personal use, the Dashboard does a fine job; however, the interface does have certain... read more

Packaged Energy Delivery Systems

It is an exciting time for Energy Delivery Systems. Industry investment in smart grid and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) are fueling advances in systems that store, process and manage data. Security protection standards (most notably those of the North... read more

Does IBM Rational Support Testing Mobile Apps?

While researching Mobile Device testing tools, I asked myself, “who are the major players in the Mobile App testing space?”  After a review online, I noticed a lot of tools to pick from – they all had various features and you would need a spreadsheet to... read more

AirDrop on iPhone FINALLY

We’ve all probably been in a situation where you captured a great picture/video with your iPhone, and someone with you asks you to send it to them. Maybe you caught the baby’s first smile or the game winning score. The fact remains that you have something to... read more

Test Automation – Advantages & Limitations

What is Test Automation: A set of automated test cases is (basically) a program intended to test another program. A variety of tools available in the market (such as Ranorex and SOASTA Test, which are Olenick partners) offer a number of features that emulate Mobile... read more

App Deployment Over the Air

In recent years, we have finally seen mobile devices disconnect from their bulky computer counterparts.  You no longer need a standalone computer to own an iPhone for instance.  In the early days of the iOS devices, you needed to connect your device to your computer. ... read more

How Olenick Trained Employees for Mobile Testing

Need for training?  With the mobile industry booming organizations are finding a greater need to develop their apps and websites to be compatible and mobile-friendly.   This means that testers now have to verify these apps or sites on the various mobile devices... read more

A quick look at SQL-on-Hadoop

This is an introduction to SQL-on-Hadoop.  Rather than start with an overview and high-level architectural diagrams,  we’re going to get our hands dirty and start right at the Linux bash command line. For our data, we’ll use some historical Nasdaq data that I... read more

Tracking Log Files for iOS Device

As mobile testing becomes more prevalent, new questions and problems arise as compared to usual testing on a computer. While computer applications generate crash logs, and most likely send these logs back to the developer’s server automatically, it is harder for a... read more

Hadoop for Small Data

Even if your data isn’t Big Data, you might still benefit from Hadoop. Yes, it’s true that Hadoop defines itself as “a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets” [my emphasis], but you can benefit from Hadoop even if your data isn’t so... read more

Why we Developed the OASIS Test Automation Framework

OASIS is our automation framework.  It addresses process, tools, framework design, data and reusable code modules.  We developed OASIS in response to client demands for a better approach to automation.  There is an explosion of new tools for agile, cloud and mobile... read more